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Alumnus killed in Humboldt crash

By Emmanuel Gutierrez |Staff Writer| CSUSB alumni Arthur Arzola died in a bus accident when a FedEx tractor veered into a charter bus on their way to a tour of…

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Students question success fee

By Emmanuel Gutierrez |Staff Writer| Are you aware of the fees you pay? CSUSB has adopted “Success Fees” in 2011 to improve programs and services and increase timely graduation rates….

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Stuart Green’s Eerie yet soothing sound

By Rachel Molina | Staff Writer | The performance was in an intimate setting. Stuart Green sat atop a black ottoman with his left foot upon a small foot rest…


Bill seeks to free whales from Sea World

By Stephanie Para |Staff Writer| The film “Blackfish” has inspired a bill that could have students rethink their trips to Sea World this summer. Assemblyman Richard Bloom first introduced the…


Perspective is key to survival

By Diana Ramos |Asst A&E Editor| “Oculus” ranked No. 3 in the box office behind, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and “Rio 2” raking in $12 million during its opening…

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